Tough Candy

Tough Candy is a group of enthusiasts from Belgrade (this is because we are local patriot :-)) and lovers of fashion. We are successful in the field we come from – art, modeling, economics, journalism and much more. We are determined, using fashion and creation of a new brand, to raise the quality of life of those who put trust in our brand. We are a team that believes in infinite sources of creativity, in the power and energy that creativity carries. The Tough Candy brand features quality, beauty and comfort.

Tough Candy brand is designed for those who want to spend their days in comfortable and high quality clothes, while looking good.

For those who are constantly on the go, day and night.

For those  with an active lifestyle, who work, walk and go out.

For those who want to leave an impression of a person who cares about others, is very attractive, (some might say, even irresistible), never gives up, (and always remain true to themselves ) – it’s Tough Candy!

new collection is out

new collection
is out