Delivery conditions

Delivery conditions

Delivery time to your home address is 1-2 working days from the day of ordering.  Package delivery is done only on working days.

 Please understand for possible delivery delays during promotions and seasonal discounts.

 Delivery of goods is done by Post Express couriers.  Shipments are delivered to the delivery address in the period from 12-19h.  Please ensure that there is a person at the address who can pick up the shipment during that period.  If no one is able to pick up the shipment, the courier will call you to arrange a new delivery date.  In case of re-shipment, the delivery costs will be borne by the Buyer.  If you suspect that the product is damaged, refuse to accept the shipment and call us immediately.  If the product is undamaged, feel free to pick up the shipment and sign the courier’s address book.

 The buyer will be informed about the delivery time by phone by the courier service.

 Delivery is made exclusively on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, with no delivery on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

The right to withdraw

 If you have changed your mind about the purchase or after the delivery of the package you conclude that the number, color, model, etc. do not suit you, it is possible to make a replacement or get a refund within 14 days.

 The consumer is solely responsible for the reduced value of the goods he returns, which arises as a result of handling the goods in a way that is not adequate.

 The costs of returning the ordered items are borne exclusively by the consumer, unless the reason for the return is a mistake or damaged goods.

 In case of non-acceptance of the shipment, the consumer is obliged to compensate the shipper for the damage, in the amount of transport costs.